CORE Antivirus Free Trial for Microsoft Consumer Antivirus users

Thank you for your interest in theconsumer version of

CORE Antivirus for Windows


In order to convince yourself how awesome the product is, we are giving you
14 days of Free Trial.



Is the Trial really Free ?

Yes, it is free of charge. You need to register only with your email address.

What happens after the Free Trial is over ?

Available after the trial ends:

  • Real-Time Protection

Premium features that are no longer available:

  • Manual and Automatic Detection Updates to protect you from latest threats
  • Manual and Automatic Product Updates to give you all the new features
  • Manual scans to clean your PC within minutes (Quick, Full, Custom)
  • Scheduled scans to keep you safe with no effort

Is the transaction safe?

We use Paddle as our super secure payment processor, so your financial data is safe!