The basis security product contains

Features of CORE Antivirus


Real-Time Protection

All activities on the files are monitored and suspicious actions are blocked. USB drives and network mapped drives are automatically scanned.

Manual and scheduled Scans

Ability to check the system any time manually and configure a regular scheduled scan.

Automatic Updates

Worry-free regular updates of the program and its detection capabilities, without the user to feel any change or having to interact with the product.

Cloud based detection for zero-day malware and for prevention of false positives

The product can ask cloud services if a suspicious file is a threat (potentially zero-day malware) or not (potentially wrongly categorized).

Artificial Intelligence to detect new threats (zero-day malware)

AI is used in the cloud service to detect if a new, previously unseen, file is a threat or not.

Protection against Ransomware, online scams, dangerous downloads

Downloaded files executed from within the browser and files executed from any source (like USB dongles, DVDs, etc.) are verified before being allowed to execute and create any kind of damage.

What you get when you purchase the premium version


Certified detection

CORE Antivirus continues to receive VB100% without missing a single one.

Money Back Guarantee

30 days money back if you are not satisfied

Technical Support

Free Technical Support during business hours. Visit the Support page for a quick connection.

Frequently asked questions

Are the financial transactions safe?

We use Paddle as our super secure payment processor, so your financial data is safe!

We do not store any kind of financial information!

Can I really get my money back?

Yes, and it is free of charge. You need to contact us at [email protected] with your email address used to purchase and tell us the details of the purchase. We will issue the refund through our payment processor Paddle in a few days.

What happens after the Free Trial is over ?

Available after the trial ends:

  • Real-Time Protection

Premium features that are no longer available:

  • Manual and Automatic Detection Updates to protect you from latest threats
  • Manual and Automatic Product Updates to give you all the new features
  • Manual scans to clean your PC within minutes (Quick, Full, Custom)
  • Scheduled scans to keep you safe with no effort

What happens with my data when the cloud service is used?

We do not transfer any private information. The only data transmitted are:

– file name

– file hash

– operating system

– license id

and a few other non-PII numbers required by the service.

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