Automatic and on demand scans
Enhanced protection against ransomware
Internet threats protection

Why CORE Antivirus

CORE Antivirus is created from the need to start simple yet provide solid protection.

- great security out-of-the-box
- low resources consumption
- protects against COVID-19 scams
- blocks ransomware before it does any damage

The basis security product contains

Features of CORE Antivirus


Real-Time Protection

All activities on the files are monitored and suspicious actions are blocked

Manual and scheduled Scans

Ability to check the system any time manually and configure a regular scheduled scan.

Automatic Updates

Worry-free regular updates of the program and its detection capabilities, without the user to feel any change or having to interact with the product.

Cloud based detection for zero-day malware and for prevention of false positives

The product can ask cloud services if a suspicious file is a threat (potentially zero-day malware) or not (potentially wrongly categorized).

Artificial Intelligence to detect new threats (zero-day malware)

AI is used in the cloud service to detect if a new, previously unseen, file is a threat or not.

Protection against Ransomware, online scams, dangerous downloads

Downloaded files executed from within the browser and files executed from any source (like USB dongles, DVDs, etc.) are verified before being allowed to execute and create any kind of damage.
CORE Antivirus

What you get


CORE Protection

Real-Time Protection
Manual and scheduled Scans
Cloud protection
False Positive Prevention
Automatic and manual Updates

Our anti-malware protection is available on multiple devices to make sure you’re always protected.

Available now for Windows 7 to 10 and soon for MacOS and Android.

Minimal resource consumption

We believe that sometimes less is more. Less memory consumption and CPU used and more security.
CORE Antivirus

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